Work with us

Work with us

To be part of the team at Fundació Teatre Lliure

The team of the Fundació Teatre Lliure is formed by professionals from different areas of knowledge to meet the needs of our activity.

Workplaces or jobs are defined annually according to the needs and the annual budget.

The Fundació Teatre Lliure periodically publishes in this section of the website the offers of workplaces or jobs that must be filled, explaining the functions of the job, the skills and knowledge that are required, the remuneration and the selection process that will be carried out.

If there is no published offer, it means that, at the moment, there is no position or place to fill. You can periodically consult our website to know the new calls that are published.

The Fundació Teatre Lliure does not keep any type of record of the CVs that it may receive on an individual initiative, except in the case of performing arts technicians, and only manages those applications and CVs that are sent specifically for a previously published offer or call.

Technical equipment for performing arts

The Teatre Lliure has stable technical teams, but to cover needs in times of greater activity, we are interested in having technical staff on an eventual and temporary basis.

If you are a performing arts technician and are interested in being considered in the selection processes, you can send your CV with a motivation letter to (e-mail for exclusive use by technical equipment for performing arts), specifying "Technical Support" in the subject line of the email.

Requests that correspond to other areas beyond the technical teams will not be considered.

Performers and artistic teams

If you want to work as a performer, or even be part of the artistic teams of our productions, send us your application through the form that you will find at the end of this section.

The hiring of performers and members of the artistic teams depends on the criteria established for each production and, ultimately, on the selection made by the artistic direction of the show.

The applications received are stored in our database and are made available to the artistic direction if required.

In the event that a call for hearings is opened and published for a specific production, persons interested in that call must submit a specific application for it. For these specific calls, existing applications already sent to our database will not be used.

For any other questions about the process or forms, please contact us by email at (e-mail for exclusive use by performers and artistic teams) specifying "Doubt" in the subject line.

Please read the following points carefully before submitting your application:

  • If you attach material from your cloud (Drive, Dropbox, etc.), it is very important that you make sure it is uploaded publicly in your cloud.

    The browsers accepted by this platform are, Internet Explorer 11 and higher versions, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. If you have computer problems filling out the form, try to do so from another browser or computer before contacting us.

    Read the explanatory notes in the form carefully.

  • In the case of interpreters, if you are under the age of 18, we need the agreement and details of your legal guardian to consider your application. When you enter your date of birth, an additional field will automatically open on the form to collect your data.

    For all other members of an artistic team, we will only accept applications from people of legal age.

  • Yes, you can submit applications for the people you represent, but you should know that, as a public theater, the Teatre Lliure is obliged to make direct work contracts with the artists. It should also be borne in mind that the e-mail address is the way to identify each application and, therefore, each one must have a different e-mail address.

To access the form, you must use the UTHJESG password.