Escola de pensament

Who chooses the scenes of our lives?

guests Javier Argüello and Tanit Plana presents and dinamizes Marina Garcés


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Tu. 18:30

Running time

1 h 30’




Catalan and Spanish


€2 - €4 / free subscribers

How do we choose the ‘events’ that recount a period of time? What stories do we choose to give meaning to what might appear to be an accumulation of isolated events or incidents? What spaces do we leave for silence and mystery in communication with the reader or spectator?

The photographer Tanit Plana, in exhibitions like PUBER (La Virreina, 2020) and Es lo que es (Canal Isabel II, 2019), and the writer Javier Argüello, in books like Ser rojo (Random House, 2020) and La música del mundo (Galaxia Gutenberg, 2011), converse on focus and representation in a work of art and how the theme of a piece or a text invites readers/spectators to explore fears, wishes and yearnings that, once shared, can become a resignification of the concepts of ‘family’ or ‘community’.

A continuation of the forum for dialogue, criticism and debate organised by the Teatre Lliure and fostered by Marina Garcés and Albert Lladó, where the tools of theatre art and philosophy are used to consider today's great conflicts. This season there are eight sessions.


Teatre Lliure