Katharsis - Presència i alteritat

Katharsis - Presència i alteritat

direcció i moderació Martina Tosticarelli


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01/28 at 20:00




Catalan and Spanish languages


€6 - €12

What is presence? What form does it take in contemporary theatre? How can we rethink it from the perspective of the pandemic? What is the relationship between presence and viewing? Can a theatre survive without a direct visual relationship between the actor and the audience? Instead of motivating us with a precise definition, presence places us in a problematic realm of evident liminality. It is the realm of paradox, of fragmentation, of the loss of reference points, but also of aura, of alchemy, of spells.

Talking about presence in the theatre also means talking about absence, about departures that impose a break in meaning. Otherness becomes a part of this nowhere that is utopia, and therefore awaits. Presence does not exist in absolute terms; it lies in relations, in the instant in which the Self and the Other meet: the actor and the character, the stage and the audience, in an energetic interaction that displaces performance and halts divergences. Inexplicable. Countless. Where there is presence, there is also conspiracy, evocation, and exorcism. It creates a persuasive force that overwhelms and envelops us, an impulse that reveals itself, fascinates us and mimetically engages us.


performative round table