La Taula

La taula

idea Split Britches

02/10/2021 - 02/12/2021

Show completed


Wednesday to Friday at 18:30


Running time

1 h 30'


Montjuïc. Espai Lliure




€2 (Generació Lliure and Suscribers) - €4 | Free Abonats!

Following the success of the first La taula session in October, the time has come to schedule this experience of dialogue and democracy, inspired by a proposal from the American company Split Britches.

This time let’s talk about unrest. A long table and a host, Isaias Fanlo, await you at Espai Lliure. The etiquette for this dinner, where talk is the only course, is simple: anyone can take a seat and say whatever they want, leave the table and come back if they feel like it. This debate mechanism is a quick way of bringing people to a meeting place for ideas and thoughts on current issues.


02/10 Session 1: Body discomfort
How have our bodies been affected by the current situation?
How have you felt the effect of the pandemic on your body?
What do you think the world will be like in five years?

02/11 Session 2: Discomfort of the soul
How do you see the state of mind of the world? How do you think the world feels emotionally at the moment?
There are elections on Sunday: how do you believe that society can express its discomfort?
What does aging mean in the world we live in?

02/12 Session 3: Society’s Disconfort
What proposals would you suggest in order to improve the situation we are living?
Do you think that the rise of extreme right (in the US, in Europe, in Spain, in Catalonia) expresses society’s unease? And how can we fix it?


Isaias Fanlo


Teatre Lliure