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És el suïcidi el veritable problema filosòfic?



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Albert Camus, a thinker who, like few others, embodies the communicating vessels between philosophy and theatre, begins his essay The Myth of Sisyphus by saying that "there is only one truly serious philosophical problem: suicide". And the fact is that, in his own words, to judge whether life is worth living or not is to answer the fundamental question of philosophy.

In a society that drags along many taboos and stigmas, and in which there is even an unwritten law of journalism that says that it is better not to publish the cause of death of a person and it is by suicide - because it could supposedly trigger a contagious effect -, the scene and the thought have been set free to break these silences. Silences that fall, like an open wound, on what is the first cause of death among young people between the ages of 15 and 29.

What is the relationship between creation and the "struggle for life"? Is the presence of death, and memento mori, a threat or an opportunity?

In the human and inhuman game of living, absurdity, hope and death sometimes meet in an abrupt and unbearably painful way. In this session of the School of Thought, we want to talk about a social as well as a health approach to suicide, without ever falling into the temptation of moral judgement: we want to ask ourselves what the deaths of our friends and relatives, of our neighbours or colleagues who one day decided to stop living tell us. How has their more or less sudden absence displaced our way of looking at the world? What scenarios of life can we represent if we are not capable of interpreting what their absolute and irreversible gesture tells us?


Manuel Guerrero Brullet i Elena Serrano,

(and with the online intervention of Santiago López Petit)


Albert Lladó


Teatre Lliure