La voluntad de creer

La voluntad de creer

written and directed by Pablo Messiez from Ordet by Kaj Munk

28/12/22 - 15/01/23
Montjuïc. Sala Fabià Puigserver


Tu. - Sat. 19:00
Sun. 18:00
Mon. 02/01 19:00

No performances on 31/12, 01/01, 05/01 and 06/01

Running time

1 h 30'


Sala Fabià Puigserver


In Spanish


€10 - €29


Hearing assistance via mobile phone

Pablo Messiez (Las canciones) investigates faith as a driving force for action, inspired by Ordet film C.T. Dreyer.

Only those who have the will to believe act. That is the premise of the work by the Argentine director Pablo Messiez in a production whose title is taken from an extract from the trial of Joan of Arc. According to Robert Bresson's film about her, when she was asked how she knew the voice she heard was from an angel, she replied "because I wanted to believe." For Messiez, this is a good definition of action. The play, which is also influenced by the resurrection scene in C.T. Dreyer's film Ordet, looks at this paradigm with the same team as in Las canciones. This is another production set strictly in the present, which also takes the role of the audience in the entire dramatic event into account. Why, what makes us all - performers and the audience - believe things that are a priori irrational?

The play was created in 2021 in five sessions of Ensayo abierto, as part of the 21 distritos season in Madrid, and premiered on September 7 at the Max Aub Hall on the Naves del Español in Matadero Madrid.


"The twist of this new work is admirable. With a sharp staging, a theatre based on ritual and acting, a memorable scenery and a light from another time, Messiez is able to revisit one of the most dazzling works of art of the twentieth century and turn it into a song to theatre, to love and to the other. Another question is whether, as the Danish filmmaker Carl Theodor Dreyer did in Ordet (1955), he manages to perform a miracle on stage. For that, you’ll have to go see her and decide." - Pablo Caruana Húder


Marina Fantini

Carlota Gaviño

Rebeca Hernando

José Juan Rodríguez

Íñigo Rodríguez-Claro

Mikele Urroz


Max Glaenzel


Cecilia Molano


Carlos Marquerie


Iñaki Ruiz Maeso


Elena Córdoba


Viene clareando by Atahualpa Yupanqui, version by Leda Valladares and María Elena Walsh

Vidala del último día by Raúl Galán and Rolando Valladares, version by Sílvia Pérez Cruz


Javier L. Patiño


Caterina Muñoz Luceño


Laia Nogueras


All the audience that accompanied us during the rehearsal process and Sílvia Pérez Cruz



To write this piece the author enjoyed in 2022 a writing residence in the Sala Beckett

© Laia Nogueras
© Laia Nogueras
© Laia Nogueras
© Laia Nogueras
© Laia Nogueras
© Laia Nogueras
© Laia Nogueras
© Laia Nogueras
© Laia Nogueras
© Laia Nogueras

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