Lectura fácil

Lectura fácil

by Cristina Morales dramaturgy and direction by Alberto San Juan

04/12 - 04/23/23
Montjuïc. Sala Fabià Puigserver


Wed. - Fri. 19:00
Sat. 17:00 and 20:30
Sun. 18:00

Running time

1 h 50'


Sala Fabià Puigserver


In Spanish


€10 - €29


Hearing assistance via mobile phone

Accessible Fridays
14/04 adapted subtitles
21/04 audio-description

Alberto San Juan brings a free version of Cristina Morales' novel set in Barcelona to the stage: four women with learning disabilities against the system.

A bombshell designed to burst the concept of disability and claim the right of all living things to govern themselves. Four women placed under guardianship by the public welfare services. One of them escapes. A judge is after her. An intensely comic and tragic story where the body is the centre of everything, the place of oppression and the only place from which it is possible to emancipate itself.

"Lectura fácil is a theatrical adaptation of the novel of the same name by Cristina Morales. A text that has received the National Narrative Award 2019 and is already in its umpteenth edition. An explosive device that has to maintain its flammable power when going from the book to the stage.
Lectura fácil is a comedy about four girls who share a flat. A story about four non-normal people, that is, who have great difficulties in adapting to the rules. Four people marked by different diagnoses of disability associated with mental disorders: Nati, Patri, Ángeles and Marga. A judge opens a process to decide if Marga’s forced sterilization should be carried out. Marga escapes and squats in an abandoned house. The police start their search.
Lectura fácil is, at least in this version, a story about the desire to live and the difficulties of carrying it out in a system designed against the living. A system that determines what life is, who can live it and how. Lectura fácil is a story about power and the need to laugh while we hit the wall trying to open a little hole through which we can peek at life. Although as Cristina Morales says that Mónica Valenciano says, to move the walls, exterior and interior, in addition to pushing or bumping, you can also try caressing. The strategies to widen the necessary living spaces are endless. Let’s keep exploring."
_Alberto San Juan

Cristina Morales (Granada, 1985) She has a degree in Law and Political Science and is a specialist in International Relations. She is the author of the novels Los combatientes (Caballo de Troya, 2013; Anagrama, 2020), awarded the 2012 INJUVE Narrative Prize; Malas palabras (Lumen, 2015; reissued in Anagrama as Introducción a Teresa de Jesús, 2020); Terroristas modernos (Candaya, 2017) and Lectura fácil (Herralde Novel Award 2018 and National Narrative Award 2019). Her stories have appeared in numerous anthologies and literary magazines. In 2017, she was awarded the Montserrat Roig Writing Scholarship, in 2015, the Han Nefkens Foundation Scholarship and in 2007, the Antonio Gala Foundation Scholarship for Young Creators. She is a member of the contemporary dance company Iniciativa Sexual Femenina.

Alberto San Juan (1968) Studies theatre at the Cristina Rota school. A founding member of the Animalario company in 1995, he worked in this group until its dissolution in 2012. A founding member of the Teatro del Barrio cooperative in 2013, he was the artistic director of the project until 2018. Today he is still a cooperative partner and a regular collaborator of TdB. As a performer he has worked in numerous shows and films, and has been awarded several times. As an author he has signed the dramaturgy of Animalario (Bonitas historias de entretenimiento sobre la humillación cotidiana de existir) (1995); Qué te importa que te ame (with Juan Cavestany and Andrés Lima, 1997); Tren de mercancías huyendo al Noroeste (with Juan Cavestany and Juan Mayorga, 1998); El fin de los sueños (2000); Argelino (free version of Arlequino, The Servant Of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni, 2008); Autorretrato de un joven capitalista español (2012); El rey (2014); Masacre (2016) Mundo Obrero (2019), and Celebraré mi muerte (with Marcos Hourmann and Víctor Morilla). As a director highlight Autorretrato, Ruz-Bárcenas, El rey, Masacre, Mundo Obrero, Celebraré mi muerte (with Víctor Morilla) and Nueva York en un poeta (from Federico García Lorca).

Show premiered at the Centro Dramático Nacional on November 18 2022.
Free version of the novel Lectura fácil by Cristina Morales.

Four women live together in a sheltered flat for people with learning disabilities, in an oppressive Barcelona: the city of squatters, the Mortgage Victims Platform, anarchist associations, and politically correct art. Through them, we enter the battlefield of the fight against monogamous white heteropatriarchy, neoliberal institutional rhetoric and woke washing which supports the status quo. And we celebrate the body, the sexuality and the desire of women, the dignity of the stigmatised, and the transgressive and revolutionary capacity of language.


Desiree Cascales Xalma judge, Desi, Mamen

Estefanía de los Santos Nati

Carlota Gaviño Marga, psychologist

Pilar Gómez Patri, dance teacher

Anna Marchessi Ángeles

Marcos Mayo Ibrahim

Pablo Sánchez Antonio, Uncle Joaquin


Nacho Marraco Yifi


Beatriz San Juan


Marta Pereira


Raúl Baena


Arantxa Melero


Fernando Egozcue


Gabriel Marijuán

MOVEMENT (Women’s Sexual Initiative)

Elisa Keisanen, Elise Moreau and Cristina Morales


Fundación AMÁS


Anna Serrano


Antonio de la Casa


Arantxa Melero


Eduardo Vizuete


Macarena Garcia


Pedro Pablo Pérez


Charo Fdz. Insausti


Mambo Decorados


Ángela Bello, Gabriel Marijuán, William Keen, Sala Mirador, Escuela Más Escena, Jordi Cortés, Centro de educación especial El Pont del Dragó, Fundación AMÁS, Meet Share Dance Psicoballet, Maite León, Conservatorio María de Ávila Frydas, Fco. Javier Casas Cabello, Danzass, Bailabestia Invictus and to so many others who have helped in the process

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