observation - listening - recognition - judgment

11/01 – 20/01/24

Show completed


Depending on the show


Sala Fabià Puigserver and Espai Lliure




Pay what you want/can per ticket: €12, €15 or €17 / With discount, €8,5


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With Steven Cohen, Gaston Core, Julian Hetzel, Neus Masdeu, Susie Wang, Las Huecas and Losinformalls, , Katharsis reaches its fifth year, as well as the artistic program that began in 2019.

We will end this period following the usual formula, inviting equally national and international artistes, some consecrated and others that begin. As a whole, people who have turned the performing arts into a space where they represent the world to question hegemonic thinking, established conventions and especially dogmatisms towards the performing arts. In this sense, Katharsis has been a journey initiated in a question as complex as simple: what is theater? A program that has always advocated that the stage experience, without conditioning, speaks for itself.

2020 Susanne Kennedy / Lolo&Sozaku / Julia Mariscal / Olivier de Sagazan / Sarah Vanhee / Marc Villanueva Mir / 4Elementos / Relax and Free / Dream terraza / Free stars Battle / Riper Battle 2021 COVID / David Espinosa / Eina Idea / Adriano Galante / Núria Guiu Sagarra / Alexandra Laudo / Agost Produccions / Martina Tosticarelli 2022 More COVID / El Arabesco / Grada Kilomba / Jaha Koo / Leja Jurišić / Marko Mandić / Ramona Nagabczyńska de Barbaro 2023 El Conde de Torrefiel / Laia Fabre i Thomas Kasebacher / Stéphane Gladyzewski / Markus Örhn / Marga Socias / Dries Verhoeven With the special participation of Davide Carnevali / Cecila Colacrai / Stefan Kaegi / Gabriela Carrizo / Romeo Castellucci / Roberto Fratini / Germans Colombo (Xemei) / Joseba Cruz / Maria Prats / Albert Serra

11/01 - 13/01


Steven Cohen

17:30 / 20:30 / 22:00

11/01 - 13/01

Abans que caigui la nit

Gaston Core


12 - 13/01

Burnt Toast

Susie Wang Co.


19 - 20/01

Mount Average

Julian Hetzel

from 17:00 until 20:10

19 - 20/01

Algo habrá que hacer



19 - 20/01

Aquelles que no han de morir

Col·lectiu Las Huecas


19 - 20/01

Seitons Masdeu Hola i Adeu

Neus Masdeu



Teatre Lliure

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