Actions at the Lliure

Actions at the Lliure

We at Teatre Lliure want to interpellate from a current perspective, offering children and youths born in the twenty-first century, the century of both the present and the future, significant experiences in the performing arts. This is why we offer shows and activities before and after coming to see a performance for all age ranges: so theatre can be present throughout their entire growth cycle.

Endorsed by the Educational Quality Label of the Consell d'Innovació Pedagògica de l'Ajuntament de Barcelona.

  • La idea brillant (que al principi no ho era)
    L'última f**king nit © Sílvia Poch
    L'anorak © Kiku Piñol / Sala Beckett
    Thauma © Andreu Martínez Costa
  • Per sempre? (títol provisional)
    Per sempre? (títol provisional) © Enephotography
    La idea brillant (que al principi no ho era)
    La idea brillant (que al principi no ho era) © Sarah John
  • La posibilidad de la ternura
    La posibilidad de la ternura © Tom Chenette
    El dia que vam matar els llops
    El dia que vam matar els llops © Javier Burgos
    Proyecto Helen Keller
    Proyecto Helen Keller © Her Socialist Smile (2020)
    Macbeth © Sílvia Poch / La Casa de Carlota
    Ifigènia © Sílvia Poch / La Casa de Carlota
  • Escola de pensament

    The Escola de pensament is reaching its fifth season with a heart that aims to beat outward. After exploring the multiple terrains of the imagination in such an intimate, sheltered space as the Espai Lliure, the idea now is to defy the apocalyptic narrative. Therefore, the Escola de pensament invites us to awaken in our bonds through gesture and words, as spaces of compromise and endeavour.

  • Work & Learn

    International workshops have been a fixture at the Teatre Lliure in recent years as a way to bring international artistic gazes and proposals to the city.

    This year we are showcasing three in-house productions: La nostra ciutat [Our Town], El cine [The Flick] and L’última f**king nit [The Last F**king Night]. And we are inviting international technical staff, in training and from different disciples, to learn about our professionals’ work during the two months prior to the premiere of these shows.

    Students of lighting, costumes, sound, production, set design and direction who are interested in expanding their knowledge of the trade, with the goal of learning through practical cases and real challenges, may immerse themselves in the creation and production of the shows this season. Accompanied by different mentors, they will learn firsthand about ways of doing, creating, thinking and working that may generate debates beyond the production time and working spaces of the Lliure.

    Teatre Lliure

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